Alcudia (Majorca) Beauty Haul + small UK haul

I recently went on holiday to Alcudia for 10 days, besides the sun, sea and relaxation I really enjoy shopping in new places.

I always do some searching before I go to find out what shops are nearby and what brands they sell.

I searched and searches but could not find any information on beauty shops in Alcudia so I thought it would be a good idea to share what bits and pieces I found whilst out there for anyone looking for info (or just a bit nosy, I do like a good haul post)

I discovered that there really aren’t that many shops that sell make up in Alcudia, I was a little disappointed at first until I discovered a store call Xarig, looking at the bags it seems they have a couple of outlets around Majorca not just in Alcudia, I found two but one was a bit naff.

I was really excited to see a Wet n Wild stand. I’ve never seen this in stores in the UK so it would have been rude not to grab a few bits, plus it was 3 for 2… how could I refuse?


wet n wild

They also had an Essence stand, you can get this in the UK but my local stand doesn’t have the greatest selection so again I picked a couple of things up.

essence haul

I also spotted a skincare brand called Lola Skin by Perse, they were fairly cheap as they were but they were on buy one get a second for 70% off. It was a great deal so I picked up a few.

lola skin haul

When I came back from my holiday I felt a little down so I decided the best thing to help get over it was to go shopping obviously.

I popped into Boots and TK Maxx and I also ordered a couple of bits from Amazon whilst I was away so it would be here when I got home.

My local TK Maxx was lacking in the make up area but I managed to grab a few bits of skincare that I thought were particularly bargainous.


Indeed Labs Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue, this is £24.99 on the Boots website, currently on offer at £16.66, I got this for £6.99.

Indeed Labs Nanoblur Instant Skin Finisher, this is priced at £19.99 on the Boots website, currently on offer at £13.33, I got this for £5.99

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boost Mask, this again is priced at £19.99, on offer at £13.33 and purchased by me for a measly £5.99. I really enjoy using sheet masks, they make you look frightening but I do find them really effective.

Lancaster Aquamilk Comforting Hand & Nail Cream, I can’t find this online but TK Maxx RRP this at £7.75 , I paid £2.99. My hands are really dry at the moment so hoping that this sorts them out.

Orico London Skin Brunch Fukui Rejuvenating Mask, I’d never heard of this brand but I thought it sounded quite nice, I found it on the Look Fantastic Website priced at £24.00, I paid £3.99. It has 6 reviews and 5 stars so hopefully this is as good as it sounds.

Creme Mini Eyelash Curler, these don’t have an RRP so not too sure how much they are or even if you can buy them elsewhere but they were only £2.00.

maybelline matte lips

Don’t you just love a buy one get one half price offer, I know I do.

I spotted this lipstick in Asda but they only had the tester available, they had completely sold out so I popped into Boots and there is was, in all its glory. Its such a lovely colour. Not one that I would usually opt for but it just stood out to me. Its a matte formula in the shade 930 Nude Embrace, this was £6.99.

For my half price item I picked the Superstar 24H powder in ivory, this was £6.99 also.


Next stop was the Sleek counter, I went specifically to pick up the Barekissed Illuminator in Monaco, I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but they have only recently introduced Sleek to my local Boots. This was £8.99 but they had an offer on, 2 for £12.00 on selected Sleek products.

Included in this offer was the highlighter palettes which are £9.99 each so this was a really good deal. They only had the Solstice Palette left so I grabbed that one.


I’ll likely review a couple of these within the next few weeks, if there is anything in particular you would like a review or swatches of just let me know.



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